trekkingNowhere in the Himalayas is the natural heritage more rich and varied than in Bhutan. Because of the deep traditional reverence which the Bhutanese have for nature, the kingdom is one of the leading countries in environmental conservation.  Over 70% of Bhutan’s land area is still under forest cover.  Many parts of the country have been declared wildlife reserves, and are the natural habitats of rare species of both flora and fauna.

Thus, a trek through the peaks of Bhutan is an enchanting experience as you see the wonders of Nature, in its pristine and unsoiled glory. Away from a world where it has become impossible to find a place to seek solace personally, the treks will provide you the luxury of being with yourself and Nature, in its priceless forms. You will have all the time for respite and probably find answers to questions that might be hitting your subconscious mind.

The treks will also take you to the higher Himalayas, where nomads live, proud of their cultural heritage and manifesting happiness. You will also be traversing through areas carpeted by flora seen only in this part of the Himalayas and animals, including birds, which have become extinct or reached the brink of extinction. The treks are not just another trek, but an exploration of some of the world’s least known areas.

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